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Bulgaria is situated in south-eastern Europe, in the north-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and has a territory of 110 911 square kilometers. Its average length is 520 km and its average width is 330 km. The overall length of its borders is 2245 km. Bulgaria borders to the north with Romania (the frontier line runs along the Danube river and continues on land to the Black Sea on north-east), to the south - with Greece and Turkey, to the west - with Serbia and Montenegro and Macedonia (former Yugoslavia) and to the east - on the Black Sea. The population of Bulgaria numbers 8 384 871.

Sinemorets village and resort is situated in the most Southern part of the Bulgarian seashore some 12 km from the Turkish border. It is famous for its wonderful private beaches and virgin nature. The current name Sinemorets is a word for word translation of the Greek “galaza”, which means “sky-blue”. The oldest historical testimony for Sinemorets dates back to 1498. In this document for trade with salt are listed 19 families. Its name is present in the map of the Turkish Empire from the German geographer Kristian Gotlib Reinhardt printed in 1821. After the liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish Yoke in 1878 Sinemorets was left in the Turkish territory. It was liberated and became Bulgarian territory during the Balkan war. In 1926 the village had 59 houses and 260 inhabitants. It has 244 permanent residents at present. Unlike many other resorts beaches are aside from any hotels and other big buildings. This village-resort is also unique for its combination of sunny sea shores, mild mountain slopes of the Strandja Mountain and the wilderness of the surrounding woods through which the well-known Veleka River is running to reach the Black Sea.
This makes Sinemorets an excellent location not only for beach entertainments (swimming, boating, water skiing, etc.) but also for river and sea fishing, hunting, cross-country driving, mountain biking and etc. One can enjoy its long summer season (reaching almost 180 days) with warm sunny days and mountain fresh evenings. The winter in Sinemorets is comparatively mild which combined with the adjacent mountain forest make it a perfect location for recreation in all seasons.
The Strandja Mountain is known for its mild and picturesque slopes hosting scattered authentic old villages. One may experience a short drive to any of these locations and have a nice walk and picnic in the tranquility of the virgin forests.
Excursions to Turkey are easy to do – one through the Resovo village (just 12 km. from Sinemorets) walking cross-border point or by bus through Malko Turnovo cross-border point. It takes only two hours by bus to go to Edirne (one of the oldest fortresses on the European part of Turkey) and another 2 hours to reach the famous and glamorous Istanbul – the pearl of Turkey.

Indicator (Average Value)

May June July August September October

Daily temperature, C°

24 28 31 31 28 24

Night temperature, C°

12 16 17 15 13 12

Sea water temperature, C°

17 21 23 25 23 19

Sunny hours per day

9 10 11 11 9 8
Rainy days per month 7 8 6 3 4 7